1. Indent paragraphs.

      A paragraph is a group of sentences talking about the same thing, part of an event, or idea.
      1. Don't put an extra space between paragraphs:

        the indent is enough.
    2. When writing on the computer, always use the indent triangle to indent, NEVER the space or tab keys.

    3. When you change what you’re talking about, start a new paragraph.

    4. A paragraph always has at least two or more sentences, unless it is dialog.

    5. A paragraph is rarely longer than a quarter of a page.

    6. When to start a new paragraph:

      • When you change what you’re talking about.
      • When you introduce a new idea, character, setting, or event.
      • When there’s a gap in time.
      • When you change who is talking.
      • When you want to emphasize something.
      • When you want a mini-cliffhanger.
      • If your paragraph is more than a quarter of a page, look for good places to break it up into smaller paragraphs.
      1. Making Paragraphs TiP ToP

        • Ti - change in time
        • P - change in place
        • To - change in topic, idea, or subject
        • P - change in person speaking