How to Write Thank You Letters That are Actually Fun
(yes, fun, I’m not kidding)
to Write and Will Knock Their Socks Off

The Nitty-Gritty
Every thank you note should be handwritten, and include:

  1. Paragraph 1
    1. An expression of gratitude.
    2. A mention of the gift, party, or favor, and of the time and trouble of the giver.
    3. How much you like it (even if you don’t!).
    4. How you plan to use it.
  2. Paragraph 2 - A personal note about your life, the past or the future, or about the person who gave you the gift.
  3. Paragraph 3 - Thanks again ...

The Fun Part
Think about two things — what will make this fun for you to write, and what will make it fun for the giver to read. Here are just a few suggestions, plus space for you to write your own ideas.

  • Physical Pleasures
    • Really nice paper
    • A really nice pen
    • Extra-fancy handwriting or calligraphy
  • Writing Pleasures
    • Tell a story or anecdote
    • Write a poem
    • Write and record a song
    • Be funny
    • Be alliterative
    • Imagine different scenarios about the gift
    • Think of creative uses for the gift
    • Do some research about the gift
  • Creative Pleasures
    • Illustrate
    • Write it Lesson-Book style
    • Write it comic or cartoon style
    • Draw margin decorations
    • Origami
    • Make a puzzle or word problem about the gift
    • Make a card
    • Make a pop-up
  • Extra Pleasures
    • Include photos
    • Silly poses with the gift
    • Cartoons
    • Comics
    • Make a video, animation, or podcast
    • Get really creative


Your Aunt Ethel just gave you a lovely present -- ceramic jalapeno peppers. Oh, joy! jalapeno

Your thank-you letter (click to enlarge):


Another present – hand-kitted wool socks from Aunt Agnes! All warm and scratchy -- lovely! socks

Your thank you letter (click to enlarge):